Course curriculum

Chock-a-block with examples, exercises and ideas on how to sell on Instagram in a fun, creative and enjoyable way. Including Stories, highlight reels & video and hashtags & the algorithm.

  • 1

    Defining The Personality Of Your Account

    • Example Accounts

    • Personality Exercise Video

    • Having a Higher Purpose

    • Content Pillars

  • 2

    Your Bio And The 'Look' Of Your Account

    • Getting the look of your account right for your brand.

    • Creating a Colour Palette

    • What To Write In Your Insta Bio

  • 3

    Hashtags And The Algorithm

    • Hashtags

    • The Algorithm And When To Post

  • 4

    Building A Community And Interacting On Instagram

    • Building A Community And Interacting On Instagram

  • 5

    Talking To Camera. Because It's Worth It.

    • Talking to Camera, Why it Works and How To Get Good At It

    • Useful Equipment For Talking To Camera On Instagram

  • 6

    Creating Instagram Videos

    • Creating Instagram Videos

  • 7

    Going Live

    • Instagram Lives

  • 8

    Instagram Stories and Story Highlights

    • Why are Stories your super power on Instagram?

    • How to create really engaging content on Stories?

    • What Are Story Highlights and How To Use Them

  • 9

    Instagram Reels

    • Reels Overview

  • 10

    Set Yourself Some Insta Goals

    • Setting goals going forward

  • 11

    Three Ways To Work With Me

    • Three Ways To Work With Me